Creative Hockey develops players to reach their maximum potential. Our team of experts will have a major positive impact on young players’ careers. We have played the game professionally and we know what it takes to make it to the next level.  Having an open line of communication with parents and players is vital to ensure skill development and success!

Our privates and semi-privates are top-end sessions with specialized one-on-one instruction that are extremely beneficial for each student as specific areas of weaknesses are targeted.

We specialize in:

• Skating technique and power skating (edge work, tight turn, acceleration, agility, etc.)

• Shooting (wrist shot, slap shot, weight transfers, form, & shooting while skating full speed)

• We identify weaknesses and through quality coaching and skill development, we turn them into strengths over time

• Battle drills and game situations (semi-privates)

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Privates/ Semi-Privates
Team Practices

We improve and develop your team with our elite practices. With the help of your team coaches, each team will be assessed carefully and a program will be developed in order to cater to team weaknesses and emphasize strengths. Our staff will attend games and provide detailed feedback to ensure skill development.

• Power skating

• Skills and stick handling

• Team drills

• Positional play

• Systems

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Game Analysis


Send us videos of your games and we will provide extensive feedback on the team and/or player's strengths and weaknesses. We also offer a detailed individualized plan to allow the player or team to reach maximum potential.